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Biomechanical Solution - Smart Strap And More

Exploit soft body dynamics for biomechanical device solutions

Goal: Using our disruptive strain gauge sensor technology for disruptive biomechanical device solutions in the form of a convertible smart strap or inclusion in bionic prosthetics. Exploiting on a large set of defined natural user interface (nui) gestures, your smart strap becomes a true soft body conforming controller. 

Realization: Gesture and Motion Artefact tests have been successfully completed (video-demonstration). The integration process inclusive miniaturization has been started. A first basic product could be finalized 24 months after full financing of the project.

Motivation: The novel Soft Condensed Matter Sensor (SCMS) technology was designed to capture soft body dynamics around the wrist. Dynamics can be interpreted either as motion artefacts/noise or gesture. Capturing motion as well as new strain levels, with this information a large set of defined natural user interface (nui) gestures can be detected and exploited on. Including this into an ordinary strap band, a soft body conforming gesture control device becomes available. SCMS technology also allows for vital signs capturing such as the radial arteria pulse wave. As such, applications beyond gesture control become feasible.

STBL with its partners are seeking for development and production partnerships including funding for state of the art biomechanical device solutions.

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