blood dynamics

Blood Dynamics

Blood - The Lifeline of the Body

STBL Medical Research AG (STBL) has built up a unique knowledge base in all aspects of soft body dynamics monitoring - a distinct category of motions.  In cooperation with the ceramic group of Empa - the original inventor - so called Soft Condensed Matter Sensors (SCMS)  have been developed to market entry level in two CTI-projects. For the first time, soft body dynamics, micro and/or slow motions can be captured and analyzed in full by this soft body conforming sensor technology, not readily possible with today's traditional sensor technology based on a three-dimensional space concept. As a result, the expansion of the possible monitoring range and features allows for the development of brand new applications, not yet possible due to the current restrictions of existing sensor technology.

Gesture Dynamics is one promissing field focused on by STBL. Defined sign language and natural user interface gestures can be captured around the wrist in form of soft body dynamics and analyzed.  A set of differentiable gestures can be used to build wrist worn body conforming controllers for the gaming but also for the robotics industry. In combination with traditional sensor technology such as accelerometers, gyroscopes and GPS highly sopfhisticated gesture devices can be developed.

The blood vessel system is said to be the lifeline of a human body. The Franklin Institute estimates, that if all the blood vessels are taken out of an average child and are laid out in one line, the line would stretch over 60’000 miles/97’000 km. An adult’s line would be closer to 100’000 miles/161’000 km long.

Today, optical sensors using some sort of light reflection technology can basically capture relative pulse wave curves as only the changing light reflection is captured. Therefore the pulse wave analysis remains restricted mainly to frequency and interval.

In order to analyse beyond the first two derivations of the pulse wave one has to answer the key question - “what is the force with which blood is pressed through the arteria”. Due to the technology applied relative and absolute blood pressure values can’t be derived directly using optical sensors, as the force factor can’t be quantified.

Soft Body Dynamics monitoring picks up all aspects of the pulse wave.

a technical approach to motions and soft body dynamics